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Inside you will find the Wonderchums Adventures, lots of tips and fun, and our wonderful Community.

Choose a Plan


Choose a Plan

A big warm Welcome!

Thank you for showing your enthusiasm, and we are so excited to invite you inside!

Together we can achieve so much more, so thank you for being a part of this dream. ☺

1. Check your email

► There's an email on it's way for you to confirm your email address

*Please make sure you save our email address to your contacts, so our emails don't go into your spam folder. ☺

2. The Goodies

► Something raw and unpolished is on its way to you

Please check your email, as there should be a second one from us on its way.

It should arrive within the hour and inside it is a link to some special Welcome Goodies including:

1. The current *draft* of the Wonderchums Playbook

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2. A special welcome pack of Wonderchums Quotables

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

► If you like having physical things in yours hands, print these out, edit until your heart's content, and hop online to share your ideas. ☺  

3. Activate your invitation to the Wonderchums Community

► Click 'Request to Join' above to get started

  • We will ask for your name, email and ask one simple registration question (this helps protect you, our member families). You'll get a link via email to complete the process to join.
  • Our community is hosted on the fabulous Mighty Networks platform. As part of their format, a 30-day free trial membership does require you to supply a credit card. You can cancel before 30 days and no charge will be made.

✪ To thank You for your early contributions, 

► You and your family are welcome to a *Lifetime 85% Discounted Membership* to Wonderchums (starting at US$13 per month in March 2019, but discounted to US$1.99 for you, our Founding CoCreators forever -- or at least until your kids grow up!)
(Once again, THANK YOU! ☺♥)

✪ It's a safe and private space to engage with likeminded others

► Our community is completely private 

► We *love* being hosted on Mighty Networks because they have great user-centred policies. 

✪ Inside the Wonderchums founding community, we will:

  1. Get to know each other (best part!!)
  2. Share ideas and bring our own Superpowers into the mix 
  3. Start testing out the monthly Adventures
  4. Celebrate! (more about this on the inside ☺)

✪ And we are constantly updating the Founding materials based on your ideas:

  • the Wonderchums Playbook
  • the Community Charter, and 
  • the 'How to Start a Kids Movement' Manifesto (this one will be a beauty, but we need you! ☺)

► We are heading for the Beta Launch in late 2019, so your input is a beautiful gift to the Community and right now it is invaluable! 

We are enormously...

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